AFAE - Associazione Famiglie Audiolesi Etnee

The A.F.A.E. is an association of families with hearing impaired people, established in 1985 by a group of parents who felt the need to come together to address and try to contribute to the solution of the many problems concerning deaf people.

Rosaria Spinella

Stamperia regionale Braille

The Stamperia Regionale Braille, established by Regional Law No. 52 of 1978, is a Third Sector Body (formerly a non-profit organisation) whose activities are mainly supported by the Sicilian Region, with the contributions and purposes provided for by Regional Law No. 4 of 2001.

Antonio Tringale
Adriana Zocco

Associazione Futuro 21

The Futuro 21 association was founded by families who promote life projects to support people with 'intellectual disabilities'. It supports all activities that promote their inclusion.

Anna Papale (Presidente)
Nelly Noemi D'Agosta
Tatiana Giampiccolo
Federica Mammana
Maria Ponte
Anna Maria Spampinato
Sebastiana Mangano
Francesco Panebianco
Marta Tornabene

Unione Italiana dei Ciechi e degli ipovedenti

The Unione Italiana dei Ciechi e degli ipovedenti was born in 1920, after the first postwar period, out of the determination, strength and courage of the young war-blind Aurelio Nicolodi, with the goal of recovering the dignity of people who found themselves, like him, blind. From that moment, training schools were opened to put people with visual disabilities into work. From that time special schools are established in many cities of Italy, allowing study through braille and psychomotor and personal autonomy experience with trained instructors.

Grosseto Provincial Section

The territorial section was founded around the 1950s and has been involved in supporting inclusion, rehabilitation and prevention ever since. The association has active many paths aimed at accessibility in the territory both for external usability and for public and private entities: it is present within the Council of Disability to work together on shared projects in the social sphere and towards an educational and experiential culture of disability interacting with the various school levels.

Sioli Sereni

Firenze Provincial Section

Niccolò Zeppi

Associazione Quartotempo ONLUS, Campi Bisenzio

Amateur Sports Association, A place open to all, where diversity is taught and experienced as a great asset to the life of each individual athlete, in which to feel good and have fun, in which to build stimulating relationships within the group, through a qualified sports and educational proposal, in which there can be the possibility of acceptance even for those who have more difficulty in placing themselves in sports groups.