The fundamental key for a project’s sustainability and success depends on the strength of its roots in a local community.
MARE devises strategic development plans for cultural institutions and for public and private organisations by designing interactive paths aimed at strengthening the project's links to its local context.

Co-participation of MARE

1. Our design uses the Community-Led Local Development (CLLD) approach approved by the European Union.
This methodology is built upon the concept of the local population being a protagonist in all phases of the project: from the preliminary mapping to the final draft of a joint plan of action; from the composition and presentation of a call for tender to the fundraising for and then daily development of the project; and from the creation of content for communications and promotional material to the verification of the final results.

2. For the purpose of building roots, we conduct a careful survey to map the local context to make sure that every proposal we come up with is part of a more general territorial marketing offer, capable of creating networks and relationships and of activating synergies between diverse socio-economic realities to the benefit of all concerned.

3. The goal of activating local communities is focused in particular on boosting local businesses, in order to stimulate and organize the local community’s skills and knowledge necessary to make long-term and independent plans for the future stages of local economic development.