The enhancement of cultural, artistic and natural heritage is an important tool for local businesses, for the local economy, for the transmission of the values of democracy and citizenship and for activating cultural, social, and environmental programs.
MARE is specialized in innovative programming and in drafting project management plans for cultural services for local sites or museums.

A parent introduces a little girl to the world of art and museums

1. We can manage services in museums and other places of cultural interest, like ticket offices and bookshops, communications and marketing, educational laboratories, and public services.

2. We organize training courses on the multiple dimensions of social innovation as the activation of a process of change based on strategies, ideas and values which increase the economic and social well-being of an area or an organisation for workers in museums, government agencies, for-profit organisations and the service sector.

3. We design accessible educational laboratories for museums and cultural institutions. Our staff has been trained to provide new interpretations and new visiting itineraries that embrace all five senses and allow adults and children to explore new experiences.

4. We can consult with organisations to help them figure out the best way to gain access to public funding through the preparation of calls for tender and to identify the best options for specific funding; we guide the organisation step by step in the preparation of the necessary documents for the calls for tender.