Accessibility in museums is not just about removing architectural barriers. It is also about creating emotions, providing gratification and facilitating learning, socialisation and independence.
MARE offers educational programs developed to make museums, archaeological sites, urban and natural itineraries accessible for everyone, with special attention to the needs of different age groups and different visual, auditory, motor or cognitive abilities.

Marelabo offers special set-ups, also for children

1. We can set up special installations with touch screens, podcasts, games, ASL/BSL/Sign Language videos, tactile paths and accessible digital services in order to create all-inclusive educational itineraries, eliminating any and all kinds of barriers (cultural, physical, emotional, cognitive) in museums and other cultural sites.

2. MARE’s strongpoint in innovation is the creation of a unique design-for-all educational path that allows easy and satisfying universal access to the museum.
The multisensorial tools designed to accommodate people with different needs have been upgraded so that anyone can use them and visitors can make use of all five senses and have a richer and more gratifying experience.

3. Our projects use interactive methodology: local communities co-design and participate in their museum’s activities, in accordance with Faro Convention guidelines. The all-inclusive educational itineraries are designed together with all of the stakeholders and are approved by professionals with disabilities, so that the installations and solutions we create respond concretely to the needs of the local community.